MAP CurePack Artists

Could you imagine the pain of a mother who has no medicine for her sick child; or the medical caregiver who does not have the sutures or other health supplies to do what is right by their patients?

MAP International's CurePack performing artists have joined together to bring hope for families in need by encouraging music lovers everywhere to get involved and make a difference.

When you give monthly to those in need, you provide people with medicine to change—or save—lives.

Why Join With MAP CurePack Artists

More than two billion people lack regular access to quality medicines and health supplies. That's nearly one in three people alive today.

Somewhere in the world right now one of these people needs your help. And saving that life takes less than you think but helps more than you can imagine. 
The medicine they need is available here. But we need to get it thereAnd that's why we need your help.
Will you do it?

“There’s nothing worse than knowing you could help a patient but medicine isn’t available,” said Dr. Cece Lugos of the Dominican Republic. “Thank goodness for MAP medicines.”

By joining with these wonderful CurePack artists, you become part of a life-saving team.

Your gift of music stirs hearts and provides us with predictable cash flow to make more plans and distribute more medicines.  Everyone benefits.

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Michael Ricks

Recently, Michael became part of the MAP CurePack Program, in which performers help spread the word about MAP’s medicine to the audience. For Michael, talking about the healing power of medicine is personal.


Band of Kelley's

The Band of Kelleys isn't your ordinary family band. They have shared the stage with the most prestigious names in bluegrass, delivering a show with unprecedented personality and musicality that is rare to find in just one family. This family has been holding crowds captivated with performance and delivery of original material, as well fresh takes on old standards. 

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Burn The Treaty 

The story of Burn the Treaty, the explosive emerging duo of indie singer/songwriter Morgan Bracy and rocker Scott Carter, is one of powering through disappointment and heartache to find hope on the other side, and never giving up on finding one’s truest mode of expression no matter the odds.


To become a MAP CurePack Artist, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your compassion and support on behalf of the 13.6 million people we serve. 

“As a child, I grew up in a cult and suffered medical neglect. There was no medical treatment of any kind! Now that I am free and healing, I am so thankful my story along with music can be used to help others who need medication! I am so thankful to be an artist advocate with MAP!”
- Michael Ricks, MAP International CurePack Artist

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