Hurricane Dorian - Disaster Relief

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Even though Hurricane Dorian is gone and the media is paying little attention to their plight, the people of the Bahamas are still suffering.

Your gift today will help MAP restock emergency medical relief and other supplies to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian and other similar disasters.

Please give generously so we can provide for those devastated by disaster and pray for the safety of first responders and victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Dorian Update

  • Approximately 13,000 Disaster Health Kits (DHKs), 400 water filters and a large shipment of medicine, supplies and protective equipment have been sent to our partners working in the Bahamas.

  • 1,000 DHKs have been sent to North Carolina.

  • A large shipment of medicine was sent to the Bahamas to serve nearly 11,000, including displaced Haitians.

  • Three Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHKs) will be sent to the Bahamas in the coming days to meet the basic needs of 30,000 people for 90 days and 448 additional water filters will be sent to the Bahamas.
  • MAP provided a DHK for 100 foster children evacuating Brunswick, GA from the Morningstar Youth Estate Campus.

Please continue to keep hurricane victims and care givers in your prayers.



Your Gift of $75 Provides Medicine and Health Supplies for 50 people for 90 days.

You may select the 'Designation' menu on the donation form above to have your gift earmarked for any particular disaster.

MAP International (EIN: 36-2586390), one of America's top charities, is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Your gift to MAP is fully tax-deductible as permitted by the law.  No goods or services were received in exchange for this contribution. If a project is oversubscribed, we will reassign gifts to a similar disaster or a need that most closely matches your designated event.

Your gift today helps us provide for people affected by disasters no matter where they live in the world.  Donate today and be part of our mission to help restore hope and save lives. 

MAP's Disaster Health Kit

MAP International's Disaster Health Kit (DHK) supports one person living in a shelter for one week. 

Disaster Health Kits provide basic health supplies, such as toothbrushes, bandages, soap, and basic first aid supplies that help protect people from disease and prevent secondary illnesses and even death.

Most of all, they let those devastated by a disaster know that others have not forgotten them in the middle of their great loss.

In times of disaster, in addition to DHKs, we provide critical medical relief and aid to families affected by the disaster. To learn more about MAP's disaster relief efforts, click here.