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Our Board of Directors wants to double your generosity. They will match every gift given between now and midnight May 31. 

Please help us help twice as many people get medicine and health supplies. Give Today!

Give Today & Double Your Gift

Help twice as many children receive life-saving medicine today.

As a special friend of MAP, I want to share with you a great need and a wonderful opportunity to have a dramatic impact….

You’ve seen the headlines about the terrible situation in Venezuela on the evening news. The country is in complete disarray. Its citizens suffer from shortages of food, fuel, and medicine!

It’s a terrible situation…but I have some good news:

MAP has been sending medicines and health supplies into places like Venezuela through medical mission teams. Working through local churches, they are saving lives—thanks to your support.

This is what MAP does at its best, equipping medical mission teams to serve those in dire straits.

And because the need is so great in so many places like Venezuela, Lebanon and Mozabique, MAP’s own board members have pledged to match every gift given—up to $100,000—between now and May 31.

It’s hard to imagine what the situation is like in these countries where society is in near collapse.  We hear the heartbreaking stories from mission teams on the ground.


Consider the family of little Mariangela. Just three years old, she was involved in an accident that crushed her hand.

In normal times, her family would have taken her to the hospital to be treated. But these are not normal times since the entire medical infrastructure has collapsed. Even if you can locate a doctor, there is no gauze, no antibiotics, no surgical gloves.

Without these supplies, injured children like Mariangela won’t heal. And their injuries may become a life-long disability if they survive. This is what it’s like where MAP serves.

That’s why it’s so critical that mission teams like the one from International Action Ministries (IAM) are in the country, using supplies provided by MAP International. Donors like you made it possible for these teams to serve people like Mariangela and her family.

“Because of medical services organized by Venezuelan Christian churches together with medical supplies from MAP, Mariangela was able to be treated.”

This special match comes at a critical time of year when medicines are needed more than ever, particularly for millions of children living in poverty, medicine is simply not available or affordable.

We hope you will prayerfully consider a generous gift today knowing our Board of Directors will DOUBLE it!

A $500 GIFT WILL BECOME $1,000!


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