Read MAP's 2019 Fall Newsletter

MAP's Fall 2019 Newsletter

The Fall 2019 MAP Newsletter is full of good news and exciting stories about how your support is making a difference in the world. We are so very grateful that you are partners with us in this life-changing ministry.

Without you, none of this work would be possible and so many would struggle unnecessarily with disease, poor health, and chronic illness. Some of the highlights of this issue include:

  • The moving story of Brenda, a young mother in Guatemala making just $19/week while trying to support her two children. MAP medicine, provided free of charge, restored her daughter’s health.

  • A glimpse at Ethne Health, a remarkable clinic in Georgia that treats patients from all over the world. We are grateful to serve the people at the Ethne clinic with life-changing medicine through our Domestic Medicine Program.

  • A review of MAP’s program to fight Chagas, a disease that infects millions in Central and South America. 

  • An introduction to one of MAP’s board members, Abidemi Oseni-Oyebode (“Abi”). The daughter of a Nigerian diplomat, and a pharmacist by training, Abi has lived in a number of countries and knows that access to quality medicine is something we take for granted in the US.


Bringing Children Health

Brenda, a single mother of two, is employed as a domestic worker, washing and ironing clothes. She makes just $19 per week, barely enough to feed her and her two children. 

The family lives in the area of Jocotillo, Guatemala. The family uses firewood to cook and the smoke from the fire often contributes to respiratory problems.

Brenda’s two-year-old daughter became so sick recently that she had difficulty breathing. Brenda knew she needed help, so she made her way to the closest clinic, located 2km from her home.

Read more about how your donations changed Brenda's life.

MAP's Chagas Program Receives High Marks

Chagas disease is common in places where you find the triatomine bug, often called the “kissing bug” or the “blood-sucking bug” that transmits a parasite.

It is mostly found in South America, Central America, and Mexico and infects as many as 8 million people. The disease can cause swelling and fever, and without treatment can be long-lasting. Left untreated, it can cause congestive heart failure.

For nearly 30 years, MAP has worked to fight Chagas in rural Bolivia.

Changing lives in the 'Ellis Island of the South'

Clarkston, Ga. is often referred to as “the most diverse square mile in America” and “the Ellis Island of the South.”

With one of the highest refugee populations in America, it also has one of the highest uninsured rates and one of the lowest rates of access to health clinics. Ironically, it is less than 20 miles from Atlanta, one of the world centers of medical care and innovation.

Four Christian physicians saw it as an ideal place to start a very special kind of clinic that could minister holistically.

Read more about the difference your gifts from generous donors like you make for the residents of Clarkston, GA.

Abi Oseni-Oybode's personal mission

For MAP International board member Abidemi Oseni-Oyebode (“Abi”), the organization’s mission is personal.

The daughter of a Nigerian diplomat, Abi has lived in a number of countries and knows that access to quality medicine is something we take for granted in the US.

“The ability to access real, authentic, necessary medicine is very limited in many countries,” notes Abi, whose own father several years ago had a reaction to medicine he purchased in Nigeria and later discovered was counterfeit.

“We were thankful that he only developed a rash. But many people receive ‘medicine’ that is actually toxic. That’s why I’m so grateful that MAP delivers quality medicine to people in need in so many parts of the world.”

Read more about Abi's unique contributions as a member of the MAP Board of Directors.

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