If you have come here looking for resources to serve people on your medical mission, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Whether you’re part of a church mission trip, a school program or traveling alone or with friends, bringing much-needed medicines and supplies can be life-changing for you and life-saving for those you visit. 

We have a 65-year history of providing just the right medicines to medical missionaries. Through this experience, we can partner with you to provide medicines and health supplies to best meet the needs of the people you want to serve.

Because of our experience, we offer your team a full array of medicine and health supplies tailored for medical missions. 

How to Order

You may select from an inventory of the most frequently-used medicines and health supplies in communities served by medical mission teams. Create a customized and scalable formulary or supplement MAP Medical Mission Pack orders with additional medicines and supplies.

We request a service fee for each pack. This fee represents a fraction of the overall value of the contents and includes all paperwork for customs in the country you are visiting. Dating on all medicines will meet or exceed the requirements of the country you are visiting. 

If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Service team at 1.800.225.8550 Monday through Friday - 8 am to 5 pm (EST) 

When you return from your medical mission trip, please share your story with us about how you helped change lives.

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Choose Your Pack

Choose an Over-the-Counter (OTC) or Prescription (Rx) pack depending on whether you plan to travel with or without a licensed practitioner.


Apply Online

The application helps us understand your needs and helps us ensure the medicines are going to who need it most.


Look for an Email

You will receive and email 24-72 hours after you apply regarding the status of your application and next steps.


Register for an Account

After your application is approved you will receive a link to create your account.


Order Medicines

After registration, you’ll be logged into our secure online store where you can add packs and checkout.


Track Your Package

After checkout, you’ll receive an email so you can track your order all the way to your door.


Submit Your Feedback

Once you have completed your medical mission, send us your stories and feedback about how you were able to change lives using our medicines and health supplies.

Find the Right Pack For You

Over-The-Counter Pack

Our medical mission Over-The-Counter pack is ideal for those traveling without a health care professional and contains some of the most requested non-prescription medicines and supplies, including pain and fever reducers, topical antiseptics, oral rehydration formulas, and gloves.

Prescription Packs (Rx)

For licensed medical professionals, we offer mission teams a choice of medical packs containing prescription medication.

The MAP Medical Mission Pack Rx is a single box with 300 treatments providing thousands of dollars’ worth of medicines for medical mission teams, both large and small.

Customize Your Mission Pack - For experienced medical mission teams, our Custom Medical Mission Pack allows you to choose the right medicines and supplies for your particular mission.

You may select from an inventory of the most frequently-used medicines and health supplies in communities served by medical mission teams.

Cardiac Surgery Technologies

Every Heartbeat Matters will improve the lives of 2.5 million more underserved structural heart and critical care patients by the end of 2025.

If your team performs cardiac surgeries, you should know about an exciting partnership between MAP International and Edwards Lifesciences. Many of Edwards Lifesciences products are now available for donation through MAP International to qualified cardiac surgeons working in humanitarian relief around the globe.

Through the partnership, we offer donated heart valves and repair rings. We also offer Patient Care Packages to promote patient recovery after surgery.

Partner Programs

Your organization serves those most in need. You do it with passion. This is also who we seek to serve. We share your passion for ‘the least of these, my brothers.’

Many of our non-governmental organizations (NGO) partners operate mission clinics and hospitals in impoverished communities. They rely on us to provide annual inventory to stock these facilities.