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Most people just never get around to making a will because they don’t exercise their will power. Will power is what motivates you to ignore all the reasons that you could come up with not to write a will. And it can seem like there are plenty of good reasons.

Will power assures you that your support of the organizations that have meant the most to you can be carried forward for generations to come. A charitable bequest builds MAP International’s financial strength and helps ensure that we’ll be able to keep doing the work that you have valued. We’re ready to work with you to create a meaningful gift that satisfies you and supports our mission. We’re here to help.

Bottom line?  Will power reminds you that planning your estate isn’t really for your benefit — it’s for the benefit of the family, friends and organizations you will leave behind.  Your will makes it easier on them, because it tells them exactly how your affairs will be settled.  Without will power, you could leave your family grieving and in conflict or economic turmoil.  Having a will does make a difference — we’ve witnessed firsthand at MAP International the peace of mind a lovingly planned will has brought to the families of our donors.

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Since we already had a will, a quick phone call to our attorney was all it took to add a charitable gift to MAP. It makes it so easy for anyone to be a philanthropist.”

Techumseh Norman, KS

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