Polio vaccines in india

 Steve Stirling's Life-Changing Trip to India

Steve_Stirling_by_Atish_Patel_Rotary_International.jpgMAP President Steve Stirling administered drops of polio vaccine to children in India.

“Providing polio drops to infants under the age of 5 years in the slums of Delhi was an emotional experience for me. I saw the joy in the smiling faces of mothers that their beloved child would be free from the dreaded disease. 


I also know personally the child will not go through the pain of rejection and ridicule faced by children with polio because the $0.15/dose of polio vaccine will prevent them from getting the crippling disease,” said Steve.

Traveling with Rotary International, Steve saw some of the work the Rotary Foundation does each year in its effort to eradicate polio. “This is why I’m so passionate about the work of MAP, together we provide millions of people with life changing/saving medicines like antibiotics,” mentioned Steve.

Read the full story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

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