MAP Staff is on the Scene in Louisiana

MAP staff is on the ground right now in some of the hardest hit areas of Louisiana, providing desperately needed supplies, including hygiene kits, as well as masks to help stop the spread of airborne diseases.

So many families have lost everything. I'm so thankful to be a part of MAP's disaster response team that brings help and hope."

- Kipp Branch, Senior Partnership Development Officer

We need your help. More than 60,000 families have been affected. Supplies are being used as quickly as we can distribute them. Give now and help MAP respond to the immediate needs of these families.

Thank you for providing health and hope to the devastated families in Louisiana.


MAP Responds to Louisiana Flood Victims

Families in Louisiana are devastated following the historic flood, considered the worst US disaster since Hurricane Sandy. At this point, 13 people have died and tens of thousands of families are displaced and have lost everything they own.

MAP is working with trusted partners on the ground to provide hygiene kits including soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other essential hygiene items that will help prevent the spread of disease and bring comfort to families who desperately need hope. MAP is also providing critically needed masks to families and responders, to filter airborne diseases.



People are so grateful that MAP is here to help."

- Kipp Branch, Senior Partnership Development Officer