Spring 2018 Matching Gift Challenge

Bring help to TWICE as many people who are waiting for medicine….

Give before June 30th to double your impact.

More than anything in the world, Mellisia wanted a child....

Perhaps you've read Mellisia's story. Now we invite you to view this dramatic video of her telling it. 

If it weren't for the doctors using medicines and supplies provided by MAP, Mellisia would have lost all hope. It’s impossible to imagine an expectant mother not having the medicines she needs during pregnancy. With God’s grace, Mellisia had a healthy pregnancy on her third try. And when it was time to give birth; the doctors delivered a healthy baby boy she named Frankie.

“Thank you, MAP, not just for saving Frankie’s life, but because your medicine saves so many more lives," Mellisia says.

For women who live in resource-poor countries, this story is all too common. Without prenatal exams, vitamins or treatment for other conditions, pregnancy often threatens the mother’s life and too often results in stillbirth or infant death.

Conditions that would be easily treatable in the U.S. or other developed countries go undiagnosed and untreated. Medicines that could save the life of the mother and child are either not available…or are too expensive. And so babies, and often mothers, die unnecessarily.

MAP's Board of Directors believes deeply in our mission. Besides the extraordinary amount of time they volunteer, they have also put forth this Matching Gift challenge to help us reach more mothers like Mellisia. 

They will match every gift given to MAP—up to $100,000—between now and June 30.  It's DOUBLE the impact! That means twice as many mothers can receive life-saving medicines and more babies like Frankie can be born healthy. 

What a wonderful way to help those in need.

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