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Medical Mission Packs


Are you traveling to a country or region where medical resources are limited? Whether you’re part of a church mission trip, a school program or traveling alone or with friends, bringing much-needed medicines and supplies can be life-changing and life-saving for those you visit. Fees for each pack are a fraction of the value and include all paperwork for customs in the country you are visiting. Dating on all medicines meets or exceeds the country requirements. 

MAP has four Medical Mission Pack options to meet your needs:

Medical Missions Pack Over-the-Counter (OTC)


The OTC Pack is ideal for those traveling without a health care professional and contains some of the most requested non-prescription medicines and supplies, including pain and fever reducers, topical antiseptics, oral rehydration formulas, and gloves. Valued at more than $2,200*, the products in each pack can treat approximately 375 people. Each OTC Pack costs $150.

Each pack can be carried as checked luggage and weighs just 22lbs. MAP will supply all paperwork necessary for carrying the supplies through customs in the country you are visiting. 

The OTC Pack is MAP’s only option for non-medical personnel. This pack is designed specifically for churches, students and individuals on mission trips without a medical professional.


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Medical Missions 

The Medical Missions Pack Essential+


The Medical Missions Pack Essential+ is the same pack that thousands of healthcare professionals have been using in their short-term medical missions for years. Pre- packaged in two boxes, the total weight for the two boxes combined averages between 50 and 65 pounds. The contents of each Medical Missions Pack Essential+ represents, on average, over $13,000* and can provide up to 700 treatments.  A physician’s signature is required. The Essential+ Packs costs $400.



WHAT'S IN Medical Missions Essential+ Pack?

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 Medical Missions Pack Prescription (Rx)

gems_mmp_Rx_box.jpgThe Medical Missions Pack Rx is a single pack with 300 treatments and contains an average of $8,000* worth of medicines for medical mission teams, both large and small. This quintessential mission pack contains prescription products only. A physician’s signature is required. Each RX Pack costs $200.




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Custom Order

Custom Medical Missions Packs are also available.   A physician’s signature is required.


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*US wholesale value

If you need assistance, please contact MAP's Customer Service team at 1.800.225.8550 Monday through Friday - 8am to 5pm (EST)