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CurePack Artists - Give Life Saving Medicine Each Month

Could you imagine the pain of a mother who has no medicine for her sick child; or the medical care giver who does not have the sutures or other health supplies to do what is right by their patients?

Performing artists like Michael Ricks have joined with MAP International to bring hope for families in need by encouraging music lovers everywhere to get involved and make a difference.

When you give monthly to those in need, you provide people with medicine to change—or save—lives.

Your regular gift allows MAP to send the medicines and health supplies most needed, like antibiotics, oral rehydration solutions, wound care dressings, surgical supplies, and more.

Sharing The Gift Of Music To Bring Healing

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Michael Ricks is a Banjo Country Music artist based out of Nashville, Tennessee. He is a cult survivor, author, actor, and singer-songwriter. You’ve probably seen him in the Bank of America National marketing campaign of Ken Burns' PBS “Country Music.”

When singer and banjo-player Michael Ricks performs, he does more than sing and play. He likes to tell some of his own story so the audience understands why music is so very important to him.

Recently, Michael became part of the MAP CurePack Program, in which performers help spread the word about MAP’s medicine to the audience. For Michael, talking about the healing power of medicine is personal.

Growing up in a cult that forbade members to seek medical treatment, Michael saw his own baby brother grow sick and then die because his parents would not seek medical treatment. After his parents were charged with neglect, Michael and his other siblings then went to live with their grandparents.

He later became part of a church in Nashville where he was able to heal from the pain of his difficult childhood and embrace his faith fully. He even became the worship leader at the church.

Now a successful performer, Michael is excited to be part of a program that helps provide medicine to those in need.

“Now that I am walking in freedom and healing I am so thankful to see the tables turned. I am so thankful to be an artist advocate for MAP and use my story and music to help others who need medication,” he says.

Thank you for joining Michael in helping to change lives and bring hope for those in need. 

Read his bio on the Bank of America website here. Also see his Bank of America commercial here. Find more information about his book, From Cult To Country (An Asthmatics Journey To Find More Air), here.

If you have any questions about your monthly support of MAP International's mission, please call Lauren at 470-275-6049.

Thank you for your compassion and support on behalf of the 14 million people we serve. 


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Why I Support MAP International

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“As a child, I grew up in a cult and suffered medical neglect. There was no medical treatment of any kind!

Now that I am free and healing, I am so thankful my story along with music can be used to help others who need medication!

I am so thankful to be an artist advocate with MAP!”