Medical Partner Program

Medical Partner Program: Providing You with the Essential Medicines Your Program Needs


MAP International’s Medicines Program provides a combination of essential medicines and medical supplies and logistics. Maximizing humanitarian impact practically anywhere on earth, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

MAP International provides a highly efficient global medical assistance program that enables healthcare agencies and medical missions to procure much needed medicines and supplies to serve some of the poorest communities worldwide. Thanks to our Medicines Program, we are able to strengthen the impact of humanitarian activities around the world by delivering low-cost purchased medicines as well as promoting the generosity of organizations that donate medical supplies to those who need them the most.

Download the following brochures for more info on our program.

Medical Partner Brochure


What We Do:

MAP’s Medicines Program provides low-cost purchased and donated medicines & medical supplies from the World Health Organization's (WHO) Essential Drug List and other customized formularies to humanitarian aid organizations. We access high-quality medicines & supplies globally from trusted manufacturers and wholesalers and effectively delivers them to healthcare agencies and medical assistance programs around the world. A combination of quality products, price, service delivery, and consulting services in supply chain management, rational drug use, and monitoring & evaluation makes MAP’s Medicines Program an attractive partner.

MAP provides, from a single source, a combination of essential medicines, supplies, logistics and consulting services required to maximize humanitarian impact practically anywhere on earth, including rural and urban settings and U.N.-defined complex humanitarian emergencies.

Who We Are:

MAP International, one of the world's highly-respected and efficient Relief and Development charities. Founded in 1954, MAP International carries out its mission in the broad programmatic areas of disease prevention and eradication, relief and rehabilitation, and community health development. MAP serves an estimated 10 million people each year and, through its history, has provided billions of dollars worth of medicines & supplies to 100 countries on six continents. MAP is a global leader in the provision of essential medicines and supplies to partners, clinics, hospitals, and medication assistance programs in the developing world, as well as volunteer short-term missionary work with medical teams serving in hundreds of countries. 

Why We Do It:

Half the world's population lacks regular access to quality, essential medicines. In the poorest communities, private non-governmental aid organizations (NGOs) and church-based initiatives provide a critical component of the health system. These agencies manage complex field programs including hospitals, clinics, and community health programs. They often lack the time or expertise to procure the lowest-cost, highest-quality medicines & supplies from global sources. That is where MAP steps in – providing, from a single source, a combination of essential supply chain & logistics services required to maximize humanitarian impact practically anywhere on earth, including rural and urban settings and U.N.-defined complex humanitarian emergencies. For many agencies, providing these essential products and services themselves cost-effectively is often impossible. MAP can partner with them to make it happen.

MAP's Medicines Program works by purchasing supplies at low cost and receiving the generosity of organizations that donate medicines, which are then packed together and shipped to our partners around the globe. 

Long-Term Health Development

With Long-term Health Development and Short-term Medical Mission product lines, we can meet the medicines, medical supplies, and service needs of international partners as large as the United Nations and as small as a village pharmacy.

  • 20 ft. & 40 ft. Shipping Containers Large volume, customized formulary
  • Pallet Order 1-10 pallets customized for special needs
  • FDA/WHO Approved Formulary FDA US delivery or WHO International
  • Worldwide Partnerships - IMMAP Turn-key single source purchasing, GIK and logistics
  • Custom Orders - FDA/WHO Approved Fully customizable, scalable shipments
  • Disaster Relief Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHK) treating 10k+ people for 90 daysMAP_Medical_Supply_Chain_Infographic

    Short-Term Health Development

    To view our Short-Term Health Development options please vision our Medical Mission Pack Program Page.