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More than two billion people lack access to quality medicines and health supplies. That's nearly one in three people alive today.

If your organization serves those most in need, MAP International is here to help you reach more people by providing free medicines and health supplies to vulnerable populations around the world.

We work through a secure supply chain to help meet the specific needs of the communities you serve.

Furthermore, we access high-quality medicines and supplies from trusted manufacturers and wholesalers and effectively deliver them to healthcare agencies and medical assistance programs around the world. And, we only ship specifically what you order and need.

For many organizations, the cost of acquiring these essential products is prohibitive.

Our program works by purchasing supplies at low cost as well as receiving donated medicines, which are then packed together and shipped to our partners around the globe.

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“The collaboration with MAP International has truly made an impact on the lives of the Haitians we serve. If they did not have access to this medication, many of these people literally would have died.”

— Hope for Haiti, MAP Partner

Here are the steps we take to get medicines and health supplies to people in need.

Acquiring medicines and health supplies

Generous pharmaceutical companies make donations of products (GIK) and MAP also purchases products to supplement GIK.

Organizing products

As a Foreign Trade Zone with U.S. Customs, which allows us to purchase and import products without duties, medicines and health supplies are shipped to MAP’s massive 40,000 sq. ft. distribution center in Brunswick, Georgia where they are inventoried and stored.

Serving partners throughout the world

MAP works in partnership with domestic and international non-governmental organizations to determine the ideal mix of products they need to serve people who do not have access to medicine.

Distributing life-changing products

MAP combines the ideal mix of medicines and health supplies and ships them to our global partners on the ground from our distribution center, Europe or Asia by air or sea freight.

Impacting people in need

By following this highly effective process, MAP is able to get medicines and health supplies to millions of people who would otherwise not have access and serves approximately 100 countries each year in both disaster relief responses and sustainable programs.