Partner Programs

If your organization serves those most in need, we want to help you serve.  Read more about how you can partner with us to provide medicines and health supplies to “the least of these.”

Why Your Organization Should Partner With MAP

More than two billion people lack regular access to quality medicines and health supplies. That's nearly one in three people alive today.

Pharmacies, where they exist, often have bare shelves.

Doctors in many countries can diagnose patients but have no medicine to treat them. Sometimes countries simply lack the financial resources to import the needed quantities of medicines for those in need.

Other times, they lack the appropriate storage to keep medicines at the correct temperatures or to safeguard them from tampering.

This is how we can help your organization reach more people.

We provide quality medicines and health supplies through a secure supply chain to meet the specific needs of the communities you serve.

We access high-quality medicines and supplies globally from trusted manufacturers and wholesalers and effectively deliver them to healthcare agencies and medical assistance programs around the world.  And, we only ship what you order and need.

For many organizations, the cost of acquiring these essential products is prohibitive.

Our Medicines Program works by purchasing supplies at low cost as well as receiving donated medicines, which are then packed together and shipped to our partners around the globe.

MAP International is a trusted partner who has helped us help families throughout the world...We are grateful that they have come alongside us in bringing tangible help and hope to those who are in need.”
- Hal Donaldson, President & CEO, Convoy of Hope

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