Life-Changing Medicines Initiative

Thank You!

You've arrived here because you're an extraordinary supporter of the people we serve, "the least of these" as Christ calls them in Matthew 25:40. 

I recently mailed you a special proposal. Because I know you have a heart for those in need of medicines and health supplies, I wanted to ask for your help with a particular project.

Consider these facts:

  • In Africa alone, one in five children will die before their fifth birthday from a preventable or treatable disease. 
  • Nearly 1.6 million children will die this year for the lack of simple antibiotics that are used to treat acute respiratory infections.

  • More than 525,000 children under the age of five will die from diarrhea, easily treated with Oral Rehydration Therapy.

MAP International is working with local partners to ship life-saving medicines and health supplies to more than ten countries in the next 90 days.  

To achieve this goal, we are looking for contributions of any amount. Because of your extraordinary passion for those in need, we are reaching out to you with this special proposal.

Expected impact:

MAP International-supplied medicines are trusted by health care providers in the developing world because they are known to be both safe and effective. 

By supporting mission clinics and hospitals in places where poverty is rampant, MAP’s shipments can provide access to medicine and health supplies for as many as 2.5 million people.


About Your Donation

MAP International (EIN: 36-2586390), one of America's top charities, is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Your gift to MAP is fully tax-deductible as permitted by the law.  No goods or services were received in exchange for this contribution. If a project is oversubscribed, we will reassign gifts to a similar disaster or a need that most closely matches your designated event.

Prenatal Vitamins Saved Mellisia's Life (And Frankie's)

If it weren't for the doctors using medicines and supplies provided by MAP, Mellisia would have lost all hope.

It’s impossible to imagine an expectant mother not having the medicines she needs during pregnancy. With God’s grace, Mellisia experienced a miracle. And it happened because of your support of MAP International.