Pediatric Antibiotics Saves Lives

Most Americans are well acquainted with amoxicillin, a common antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. 

One of the most often prescribed medicine for children in the U.S., it is effective in treating ear infections, strep, pneumonia, and other common infectious diseases.

But in resource-poor countries, pediatric amoxicillin is either difficult to find or impossible to afford, except for the very wealthy.

“Pediatric formulations of amoxicillin are not always available outside of the large cities or hospitals,” said Dr. Eduardo Gallo, who works in a rural area of Guatemala.

Dr. Yusimil Carrazana, who works among the urban poor in a Guatemala City, puts it even more starkly, “When my patients need pediatric amoxicillin, most can’t afford to pay for it.  It’s heartbreaking."

Fortunately, both Drs. Gallo and Carranza now have access to pediatric amoxicillin thanks to a MAP International initiative to get more life-saving pediatric antibiotics to patients who can’t afford it.

Lilliana Garcia, whose eight-year-old son is a patient of Dr. Carrazana’s wept as she thanked donors for making the medicine available.

“My son has been sick for three years with ear and throat infections,” she said. “He has already missed so much school. I love him so much and am so grateful to God and those who have made it possible for him to receive this medicine.”

With your help, we can make antibiotics available to many more children in need. 

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Learn More About The Need for Pediatric Antibiotics

The situation is unimaginable to most of us.

When someone in our family is ill, we call our doctor and pick up a prescription in a few hours. 

But in 93 countries where there is no drug store on every corner and very few pharmacies, the doctors and their patients there rely on MAP International for life-saving medicines.   

That’s why we need your help today.

A gift to MAP is a gift of health to those who live in poverty and can’t afford medicine and medical supplies.

“When my patients need pediatric amoxicillin, most can’t afford to pay for it.  It’s heartbreaking."

   -Dr. Yusimil Carrazana

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Help Save A Life With Pediatric Antibiotics

Your Gift of $30 Provides A Full Treatment for 10 Children

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