Planned Giving

Could you imagine leaving such a legacy that lives are changed for generations after God has called you home?

Providing people with medicines and health supplies where they are most needed changes lives now and well into the future.

Whether it's pediatric antibiotics, deworming medication, or oral rehydration solution, children receiving medical treatment today are able to return to school ready to learn. Thus begins the first critical step in breaking the cycle of poverty and changing the world one person at a time.

A Donor’s Story: Leaving A Legacy

Drs. Naomi and Charles “Leslie” Archer were medical missionaries who did extraordinary work in Ecuador, then Panama, and later back in the United States.

During their mission years they both served people in need while raising four children. Their involvement in missions never wavered.

According to their son, Steven, also a physician, “They had long and fruitful careers. Their involvement in missions never wavered. Next to the dinner table was a bulletin board with the pictures of all the missionaries they personally supported financially and with prayer.”

Both known for their strong faith, Dr. Leslie Archer said, “I believe that a doctor must bring the patients, whose body he is healing, to the only Physician who can heal them spiritually.”

According to Dr. Steven Archer, his parents had a “deep and abiding love for MAP.”

After they both passed away in their nineties, their medical legacy continued through a generous bequest to MAP.


Creating Your Own Legacy

Many couples like the Archer’s choose MAP to leave their legacy. 

A charitable bequest builds MAP International’s financial strength and helps ensure that we’ll be able to keep doing the work that you value. 

Remembering MAP in your will can be as simple as filling in one of these examples.

A fixed amount of money or designated property:

"I give to MAP International (Tax ID #36-2586390), located in Brunswick, GA, $_____ (or describe the real or personal property, including exact location)."

A percentage of the estate:

"I give to MAP International (Tax ID #36-2586390), located in Brunswick, GA, _____ percent of my estate."

A residual bequest:

"I give all the residue of my estate, including real and personal property, to MAP International (Tax ID #36-2586390), located in Brunswick, GA."

Please consult your attorney and estate planner when preparing legal documents.  We’re ready to work with you to create a meaningful gift that satisfies you and supports our mission.

If you have questions about how to put MAP in your legacy plans, please call us at 800-225-8550.

We wanted to create a legacy that will never stop giving. We knew that a bequest was the most important charitable gift we would ever make. We chose MAP because we know that our values will live on through their staff and those they serve even after we are gone.”
—Joe and Susan, MAP supporters