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Below is a list of some of the life events that are likely to require you to revisit your estate plan to ensure it will still produce the results that you want.  They are arranged according to the estate planning issues they most commonly affect. 

Who Will Be a Beneficiary?

  • You marry, remarry or divorce.
  • New children or grandchildren are born.
  • Minor children grow up, become self-supporting, and no longer need the financial protection you set up for them.
  • You’ve provided significant lifetime support to one of your adult children, and now want to equalize the benefits your other children will receive.
  • You want to balance gifts to family with support of charities that you value.

What Are Your Assets, and What Are Your Needs?

  • A new job provides significantly better retirement and insurance benefits than you’ve previously counted on.
  • You decide to retire earlier than you originally planned.
  • You decide to retire later, or start a second career.
  • Now that you’ve retired, your living expenses are higher than you planned for.
  • You sell your primary residence, or a vacation home that your family shared.

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Since we already had a will, a quick phone call to our attorney was all it took to add a charitable gift to MAP. It makes it so easy for anyone to be a philanthropist.”

Techumseh Norman, KS

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