Prenatal Vitamins Change Two Lives For The Better

For $2.80 You Can Provide An Expectant Mother with a Prenatal vitamin each day of her pregnancy. - Both mother and child will benefit.

Of the thousands of types of medicines and health supplies MAP International provides each year, prenatal vitamins could be the most critically-needed medicine in resource-poor communities, saving the lives of both expectant mothers and their unborn children.

Don't forget to view Mellisia's Story on video below to see how these simple tablets can be a miracle for two lives.

Consider these facts:

  • When many women in developing countries become pregnant, they are already malnourished. Their bodies are ill-equipped to provide the nutrients a growing baby needs.
  • Expectant mothers often suffer from conditions like malnutrition and anemia as well as undiagnosed diseases such as malaria.

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  • More than 500,000 women die every year during pregnancy or childbirth, the vast majority in developing countries. That’s 57 women every hour.
  • Mortality rates for babies are even more shocking, with 99 percent of infant deaths occurring in developing countries. Many of these deaths are preventable if pregnant women have access to prenatal vitamins.

MAP International is working with local partners to ship life-saving medicines and health supplies to more than ten countries in the next 90 days.  Within these containers, MAP will provide millions of dollars worth of medicines that will treat up to 250,000 people in need. 

It is imperative that each container include an abundant supply of prenatal vitamins, as urgently requested by local health workers and clinics.

Expected impact:

MAP International-supplied medicines are trusted by health care providers in the developing world because they are known to be both safe and effective. 

  • Last year, the prenatal vitamins we supplied provided the equivalent of a daily dose for 16,500 expectant mothers and their babies. 
  • MAP distributed more than six million prenatal vitamin tablets in 2018. We are praying that we will be able to serve even more women in 2019, but we need your help.
  • Consider the incredible impact of providing prenatal vitamins to expectant mothers who otherwise would go without them. 


About Your Donation

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MAP Supporters Deliver Hope For Expectant Moms


Angelina, an expecting mother of three, lives with her children in a slum near an enormous garbage dump in Guatemala City. Their life isn’t easy. 

Angelina’s youngest daughter, Charon, is just five years old and suffers from respiratory issues. A simple treatment of amoxicillin costs as much as a full week's pay. This family cannot afford medicine for Charon, much less paying for prenatal vitamins for Angelina and their unborn child. 

In the middle of this horrific setting, Angelina and her family find hope at a clinic filled with medicines from MAP International.

The Heart of Love clinic, started by nurse Lelah and her husband pastor Saul, provides Angelina and her children with medicines for their respiratory issues as well as vitamins free of charge.

“We are very grateful for being able to serve this poor community,” said nurse Lelah. “These medicines are helping many people, and having the medicines brings so much hope. Even just one bandage comes in the name of Christ.”

Angelina, pictured here with her daughter, represents the hope MAP International offers through its medicines. Without prenatal vitamins provided by MAP International, Angelina’s soon to be born infant would be at risk for blindness, malnutrition and other illness.

Her three beautiful children ran behind her as she walked to the clinic where she has been receiving prenatal vitamins. Because of your support, Angelina and her children have a chance to break the cycle of poverty because they have access to the medicine you helped provide.

The little girl smiling in the picture is Angelina’s youngest daughter, Charon. At the clinic, the doctors gave Charon and her sibling medicine to help with their coughs and allergies.

Prenatal Vitamins Saved Mellisia's Life (And Frankie's)

If it weren't for the doctors using medicines and supplies provided by MAP, Mellisia would have lost all hope.

It’s impossible to imagine an expectant mother not having the medicines she needs during pregnancy. With God’s grace, Mellisia experienced a miracle. And it happened because of your support of MAP International.