Prescription Packs

For mission teams with licensed medical professionals, we offer a choice of medical packs containing prescription medication and health supplies to best meet the needs of the communities you will serve.


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Medical Missions Pack Rx

MAP's Medical Mission Pack Rx is a single box with 300 treatments providing thousands of dollars’ worth of medicines for medical mission teams, both large and small.

This quintessential mission pack contains prescription products including first-line antibiotics as well as anti-fungal creams, burn creams and other much-needed medicines.

We graciously request a $200 service fee plus shipping for each pack. 

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Customize Your Mission Pack

For experienced medical mission teams, MAP's Custom Medical Mission Pack allows you to choose the right medicines and supplies for your particular mission.

You may select from an inventory of the most frequently-used medicines and health supplies in communities served by medical mission teams.

Create a customized and scalable formulary or to supplement your MAP Medical Mission Pack orders with additional medicines and supplies. 

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Partner Programs

We provide a highly-efficient global medical logistics network that enables healthcare agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGO) to procure much-needed medicines and health supplies to serve communities in need worldwide.

Through our large-volume Medicines Program, we are able to strengthen the impact of humanitarian activities around the world by delivering low-cost purchased medicines as well as promoting the generosity of organizations that donate medical supplies to those who need them the most.

Many of our NGO partners rely on us to provide annual inventory to stock their mission clinics and hospitals.