Will you help provide health and hope to Syrian refugees? 

Every dollar you give provides $60 worth of medicines & medical supplies.

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In January, MAP International sent its $6 billionth shipment of medicines to help those in need. This momentous shipment was given to some of the most desperate people in the world: Syrian and Iraqui refugees in Jordan. “Without the medicines provided by MAP, we couldn’t do our job as doctors,” said Sidra Husayshi, an internist from the UK.

MAP also provided 150 personal hygiene kits, each containing soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, washcloth, and other supplies in a small backpack. These kits primarily went to Iraqui refugees, most of them Christians fleeing ISIS in Mosul and other Christian cities and taking refuge in Jordanian churches.

The photos of Syrian refugees fleeing for their lives are heartbreaking.  But you can help by supporting MAP as we supply urgently needed medicine and medical supplies to treat the injured and ill.  Please send what you can today.

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