Scrub Your Mission!

You are bringing hope to people who have none.

By sharing your compassion and medical training and carrying MAP International medicines and health supplies, you will change lives for the better.

Take Your Best Shot

We Want To Send You Free Medical Scrubs

MAP International wants to challenge you to take your best shot by scrubbing your mission.

We're offering five free scrub tops to members of your medical mission team in exchange for pictures of your team providing care and compassion in the mission field. 

We know when we share the very best images of compassion and caring in the field, our pharmaceutical donors are moved to participate more. This is why we created this campaign.

Here's how it works:

Complete the form below. Be sure to list the sizes you'll need for your team members. If you would like to purchase additional scrub tops, please make a $10 donation per top.

We'll mail out to you five free scrub tops plus any additional ones you purchase for the health professionals on your team. 

When you complete your mission, upload your best images of your team wearing MAP scrubs in the field. We'll recognize your organization on Facebook and in our newsletter.

Here are some tips:

  • Before taking pictures or videos, use common courtesy. Introduce yourself, ask them their name, tell them why you are visiting, ask about them and their lives, finally ask them for permission to take their pictures or video.

  • Take candid pictures and videos.  Remember to always video with your phone sideways (landscape mode).

  • Take pictures of “caring” when it happens. Show your staff interacting with beneficiaries and families.

Tell Us About Your Medical Mission Team