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If you've served on a medical mission, we would love to hear your story of hope and renewal. 

Whether you have taken MAP International Medical Mission Packs into the field or not, your story inspires us all. We want to share it with others.

Sharing is Caring


Stories are powerful. 

They inform and transform lives about what's happening in our world and help us advocate for the two billion people - all God's children - who lack access to medicine and health supplies. 

We would love to hear the story of how you helped transform someone's life or your life was transformed by participating in a medical mission.

Share your favorite photograph!

Tell us how your experienced inspired you!

Tell us about that one person you met on your mission trip who touched your heart in a meaningful way!

Because MAP International has been serving medical missionaries for 65 years, we have attracted quite a following of Faithful servants who tell us they want more stories of hope and renewal.

We'll publish your shared story on our blog, on Facebook, or in an upcoming newsletter. Your story of serving God's children is waiting to be heard and ready to inspire others to do more.

Below you will find a form to write your story (or copy and paste it and upload pictures. We can't wait to read how your heart has been transformed through medical missions.

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