Stories of Hope

Firsthand stories from the people whose lives have been touched by MAP medicines

Enjoy these stories of hope and inspiration about the people whose lives were changed thanks to medicines and health supplies provided by MAP International. We invite you to explore our library and share these stories of hope.


    Malnutrition claims the lives of millions of people each year. In 2023, MAP is focusing on...

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    An end to suffering in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    For women in Africa who experience long or difficult births, they often suffer from birth trauma...

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    Samuelito Gets Lifesaving Medicine

    All first-time parents get a bit panicky when their child gets sick. For those of us fortunate...

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    Nwakego struggled for years, then one hospital visit changed everything

    Nwakaego knew she hadn’t been taking the best care of herself lately. If she were honest, most days...

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    Tumor Removal Surgery Improves Quality of Life for a 9-year-old Girl

    Tamara is a 9-year-old girl we had the pleasure of helping in Uganda.

    Her rapidly growing tumor...

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    Paula suffered for years before receiving a much-needed surgery

    Paula is a 77-year-old woman who suffered from gynecological issues for many years before finally...

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    Only MAP medicine could help treat Joseph's rising fever

    The country of Sierra Leone tells a story of chronic suffering. Between the cholera outbreak of...

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    Gladys had the worst case of fibrous dysplasia the doctor had ever seen

    In many African countries, people with physical disabilities or deformities of any kind are often...

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    Access to basic care could mean the difference between life and death for mothers in Haiti

    Having a baby should be an exciting, joyful experience. But for women in Haiti, delivering a baby...

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    Grace Lived in Agony for 18 Years Before Getting a Life-Changing Surgery

    Grace's story is one that captivated our hearts from the very beginning. At the age of 29, Grace...

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