Health | August 10, 2017

A Humbling Day in Haiti


Board member Susan Roeder devotes much of her time with MAP working on the numbers.  She serves on our audit committee helping us maintain the top-notch charity ratings. Yet from our experience visiting clinics and orphanages, she eloquently sums up the day in one word. “Humbling.   To see modern day heroes of the faith sacrificing what would otherwise could be an easy life in the US, lead a life of service, treating people who have practically nothing with great dignity,” Mrs. Roeder said.

In a well-planned day, our team came upon hundreds of people whose lives are changed by the donors who support MAP International.  “We saw today people whose lives have been saved using MAP medicines,” said Phil Mazzilli, Chairman of the MAP Board. 

Our group met one woman who works in the Real Hope for Haiti Clinic.  Her name is Yvonne. Yvonne is in her early 20s.  To the patients at the clinic, she offers smiles.  Her story was a struggle not too long ago.  Yvonne suffered from rheumatic fever.  Her condition worsened and she developed congestive heart disease.  She carried 31 pounds of fluids as a result.   She was treated for two years at a clinic supported by MAP International.  “These medicines saved her life,” said Casey Zachary, whose family founded the clinic.


When we met her, Yvonne smiled shyly not wanting to receive her attention as Mr. Zachary shared her story. Dr. Brianna Zachary, Casey’s spouse, and his two sisters who are nurses cared for her throughout her ordeal. At one point in the treatment, Brianna Zachary came to tears worried that Yvonne was going to die. 

Those who cared for her through her illness told of her great faith.  “She prayed passionately for God to save her life,” Brianna said.  God answered her prayers and now she works with joy and enthusiasm serving others in the clinic.

At the end of an emotional day, MAP CEO Steve Stirling shares notes from the day with the members of the Board.  Each talked about being moved by Yvonne’s story, seeing the result of MAP’s medicines shining before their eyes, and the remarkable work of the Real Hope for Haiti Clinic, Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) and other faith heroes at work. 

“We see the absolute core competency of MAP, providing medicine for people who need it most,” said Mrs. Roeder.

“We have the right business model.  This is the most efficient way for us to get medicine for people most in need.  Working through CAM alone, we can place medicines with 27 clinics that serve people in the most need of medicines and health supplies,” Mr. Stirling said.

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