georgia | October 25, 2019

Meeting the World’s Needs Close to Home


Clarkston, Georgia is often referred to as "the most diverse square mile in America" and "the Ellis Island of the South." With one of the highest refugee populations in America, it also has one of the highest uninsured rates and one of the lowest rates of access to health clinics. Ironically, it is less than 20 miles from Atlanta, one of the world centers of medical care and innovation.

Four Christian physicians saw it as an ideal place to start a very special kind of clinic that could minister holistically. Their dream of living out their faith while providing health care came to fruition when they established Ethne Health in Clarkston.  Its mission is to deliver “comprehensive, high value healthcare through a culturally sensitive, neighbor-centered medical home that advances Jesus’ love and justice in our vibrant community.” Ethne comes from the Greek word used in Matt. 28:19 to describe “all nations.”

EtheneWomanWith services ranging from pediatrics to gynecology and specialties such as caring for patients with HIV, the small clinic is constantly busy. Interpretation services are available and used regularly by the patients who come from dozens of different ethnic backgrounds.

Relying on donations, the clinic serves people regardless of their ability to pay. There are discounted rates for those who are uninsured and there is help available to those who need financial assistance. One of the biggest needs of the clinic is providing medicine to those who need to fill prescriptions but can’t afford to pay. That’s why MAP International has partnered with Ethne through its Domestic Medicine Program. 

EtheneClinic2 (1)Says Dr. Andrew Kim, one of the clinic’s founders, “The MAP medicines have been essential for our uninsured patients. Many of these patients have difficulty not just paying for medications, but also difficulty getting to a pharmacy to purchase the medications.

“When we are able to dispense these often life-improving and life-saving medications, another barrier is removed in the process of getting well. It's hard to overstate the importance of these medications and the incredible differences we've seen in patients' lives already!”

The physicians at Ethne are very grateful for the support of MAP and the donors who make the medicines available.

“As Christians that strongly believe in using the provision of medicine to love and serve the least of these, we are grateful for people that have come alongside us by donating much needed resources,” Dr. Kim continued. “Even though we have limited earthly resources, we are amazed by God's unlimited resources that we see frequently in the oftentimes generous and timely donations from MAP. These donations allow us to be Jesus' hands and feet to our diverse population in Clarkston.”

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