Story of Hope | April 25, 2022

Thank you for bringing pediatric antibiotics to children in El Salvador!


For 35 years, FUSAL and SAHF have been working hand in hand to strengthen the response capacity of public hospitals and health institutions that work to bring health and relief to the most vulnerable communities through the Humanitarian Aid Program. The program's impact is supported thanks to partners such as MAP International, who send FUSAL regular donations of medicine and medical supplies. These donations have a broad impact on Salvadoran patients, especially those who do not have easy access to health or cannot buy them.

Thanks to MAP, FUSAL received a donation of amoxicillin for children through the Bringing Children Health project. The medicine positively impacted the health of dozens of children from the most vulnerable communities, especially in these difficult times. Thanks to this donation, FUSAL delivered the treatment to health institutions that serve children from different parts of the country, one of which is PROSAMUEL El Salvador.

PROSAMUEL El Salvador is a religious institution that helps remote communities in Santo Tomás and Santiago Texacuangos, located south of San Salvador.  PROSAMUEL focuses on health, counting on a network of 20 volunteers among church members, health personnel, and community members. All of the volunteers give their time and knowledge to bring health and relief to patients living in extreme conditions of poverty and who cannot receive medical attention either due to the distance in which they live or the lack of resources. With the donation of amoxicillin thanks to MAP, FUSAL and SAHF were able to deliver to PROSAMUEL a significant quantity of medicine for pediatric patients in the communities they serve.  The patients, ages between 11 and 18 years, had dental infections, urinary tract infections, throat infections, eye infections, and ear infections. By receiving their dose of medication under the recommendations of the PROSAMUEL doctor, they were able to reduce their symptoms.

"We are so grateful to MAP International for trusting us with this donation and helping us to support more and more pediatric patients in El Salvador!" - FUSAL


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