| April 26, 2023



Malnutrition claims the lives of millions of people each year. In 2023, MAP is focusing on improving health outcomes for vulnerable people by expanding the provisions of Oral Rehydration Salts and essential vitamins to improve health outcomes.

Lisa is an 84-year-old woman in the Philippines. She likely didn’t know just how far-reaching the benefits of multivitamins and proper nutrition could be until she started having health issues.  

Unfortunately, Lisa lives in a small village, where she has limited access to healthy food. As a result, she started suffering from malnutrition in adulthood and continued into her eighties.  

Luckily, medical professionals equipped with MAP International vitamins and nutritionals were able to get to Lisa before malnutrition claimed her life. MAP provided her with the necessary multivitamins to restore her health.  

Now, Lisa is eating and drinking the right foods and on a daily regimen of multivitamins. She has gone out of her way to express gratitude to MAP and the doctors who helped her.  

Thanks to dedicated donors like you, Lisa feels healthier than ever, and it’s all because of multivitamins and a brief discussion about daily dietary needs. Now that she knows what to eat to stay healthy, Lisa is living a life of wellness with proper nutrition.

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