Story of Hope | March 2, 2022

The special needs orphanage realized Frandtzy was not his usual upbeat self


Frandtzy is 30 years old, and lives at the Jehovah Rapha special needs orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He is an orphan himself - many Haitian babies born with special needs are abandoned, their families unable or unwilling to feed a child who will never be able to contribute to the family’s survival.

Though Frandtzy technically aged out of the orphanage years ago, he lost his eyesight and is unable to live on his own, so Pastor and Madame Dare, who run the orphanage, graciously agreed to let him stay. Frandtzy helps out around the orphanage enthusiastically, carrying water from the well, and performing various tasks to assist the staff and the children who live there.

One day, Frandtzy began feeling ill. For two weeks, he ran a fever, had little appetite, and his throat hurt. When a medical missions team arrived for their yearly visit to the orphanage, they noticed that Frandtzy was not his usual smiling, upbeat self, and they immediately brought him to their mobile clinic to be examined.

Poor Frandtzy had a terrible case of pharyngitis. The medical team gave him antibiotics and pediatric electrolyte solution that they had brought from MAP International, and “by the end of the week, Frandtzy was back to his usual loving, productive, attentive self,” said nurse practitioner Rachelle Motsinger.

With their supply of MAP medicines, the mission team served 60 other children during their time at the orphanage. “We are so thankful to the donors, pharmaceutical companies, and all of the professionals at MAP International that make these medical mission trips and mobile clinics possible,” Rachelle said. “My Haitian friends and missionaries are always so grateful and appreciative of the service and medications we can provide, which is only possible through [MAP’s] program!”

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