Ecuador | March 1, 2018

Global Community Development: 2017 MAP Achievements & News


One of the highlights of MAP International’s 2017 Annual Report is a summary of our Global Community Health efforts.  Did you know over 3.5 million lives were impacted by community health and development services through MAP’s field offices in Africa and Latin America in 2017?  

In the first of two updates on our 2017 achievements, we will share summaries from our field offices in Indonesia and Latin America. We’re proud of our accomplishments and want to share some exciting news on how our field offices operate:

In 2017, MAP International began the process of establishing MAP field offices in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Kenya, and Bolivia as highly-committed, independent and sustainable partner organizations.

MAP is establishing these offices as community-led local NGOs to ensure health development programs remain contextually relevant to the unique challenges each country faces. Through strong leadership, sustained and viable funding, and highly developed local and international partnerships, these offices have become beacons of hope for so many.


  • MAP International has long held to the truth that sustainable development is most effective when it comes from within the community. This truth has been demonstrated through the transition of MAP Indonesia into a local foundation.
  • Established in 2004 from the tremendous response from MAP donors following the devastating earthquake and tsunami, MAP Indonesia no longer needs to operate under the MAP umbrella.
  • Today, it is a thriving, confident partner that is promoting community health services throughout the region.


  • MAP Bolivia has been a leader in community-based approaches to improving Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and combatting Chagas disease, an infectious disease caused by a parasite found in the feces of the triatomine bug.
  • Bolivia’s MCH programs aimed to push beyond children surviving to seeing children thriving through health, nutrition and family support.
  • 25,960 people were served in FY17; the majority through MCH programs that focused on the first days of a child’s life in which development is critical.


  • MAP Ecuador reached 1,200 people through Maternal and Child Health activities focused on early childhood development in the Napo Valley Region.

Thanks to your support in 2017, MAP was able to accomplish much in Latin America. And, the fact that the former MAP office in Indonesia now operates independently is a tremendous success.

So many lives were positively impacted due to the efforts of these health offices. Thank you for helping to make that a reality.  

Look for an update on MAP’s Africa programs in our blog on Monday. Read our 2017 Annual Report here.

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