disaster relief | September 18, 2017

A Greater Portion of Grace - Harvey Relief Update




Since the flooding began, our team from Grace Church of Humble, Texas has been working 12-14 hour days coordinating up to 3,000 meals a day for people in the hardest hit communities. Our local church even served as a shelter for four days.

Today, Convoy of Hope delivered two pallets of MAP International Disaster Health Kits (DHK) to Grace Church’s warehouse. These supplies are such a blessing to those who are suffering through this disaster.  Please let MAP supporters know how much this is appreciated.

We are taking MAP’s DHK supply and an 18-wheeler full of bottled water to a neighborhood whose water system failed during the flood. Sadly, it has not been brought back up.  We will also deliver a portion of this large truckload to a rural town that has received very little help. There is so much to do.

Though I have become one of many proverbial one-armed paperhangers, I am inspired by the incredible team of five coordinators who are handling volunteer procurement, project identification, warehousing and incoming resource receipt and distribution.

We are blessed that so many churches from around the country are coming to the area to help. We have turned to coordinating logistics for these out-of-town teams, offering faithful servants lodging and meals. Our church is feeding up to 100 relief workers a day.  

The city and the region around us has been flooded with not only rain, but an even greater portion of God’s love and the love of our fellow Texans, Americans and Canadians.

It has me close to tears at times to see everyone rally behind us.

(Editor's Note: Susan Roeder is a member of the MAP Board of Directors.  She is a leader in her faith community, Grace Church of Humble, Texas.  Please support MAP International's Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.) Donate Now  

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