Medical Mission Packs | December 4, 2017

Hands Helping Hands: Life-Changing Surgeries in Honduras


Every parent remembers the first time they laid eyes on their newborn child. We stare in amazement at the baby’s face; we brush our cheek against theirs. And then perhaps, we place their tiny palm or foot in our own hand to feel their touch and count fingers and toes.

As joyful as this moment can be, some mothers and fathers experience a different range of emotions at this time. This can be a time when we first discover a genetic anomaly carried into the world by our newborn child.

This was the experience of a mother who recently met up with a MAP International-supported medical mission team in Honduras.

HandsBlog.jpgWhen the physicians and healthcare providers with the Touching Hands Project arrived at the Ruth Paz Burn and Pediatric Hospital in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, they were introduced to children with a variety of impairments to their hands - some critical, all requiring attention.

This was not the first-time doctors volunteered their surgical and healthcare services to help Honduran children from families with limited financial resources. The hospital where this team operates serves children who experience burns and those born with genetic conditions requiring surgery. MAP International supports their work by providing Medical Mission Packs containing vital medicines and medical supplies used in surgery.

HandsHelpingHandsPhoto (2)-2.jpgOn this trip, the experienced team met a two-year-old child born with syndactyly, or webbing of his hand.  

The mother carried the child to the hospital, desperate yet hopeful that the doctors could help her son use his hands as most children do.  Shy and tearful, the boy was scared and clung to his mother. He had difficulty grabbing and holding objects.

Thankfully, the surgical team was equipped with the supplies they needed to complete a successful surgery and relieve the webbing which inhibited the child’s reach on life. The medical mission team reports they look forward to their return to see how well the child is doing.

This is the impact you have in supporting MAP International. These stories of life-changing surgeries happen because of dedicated medical mission teams who have the supplies they need to make miracles happen.

And, yet there are so many more miracles to manifest in our world through your generous support. Consider that:

A $75 Surgical Kit gift from the MAP 2017 Gift Catalog will help provide doctors working in resource-poor countries with a  sterile surgical kit to perform surgical procedures. 

Or, $10 will provide 200 pairs of sterile surgical gloves for 100 successful surgeries. Healthcare practitioners rely on wearing sterile gloves, which can be hard to find in many countries, during procedures to protect themselves and their patients.

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