Medical Mission Packs | June 11, 2021

MAP’s Response to India’s COVID-19 Crisis


While life here in the U.S. has finally begun to return to “normal” as the nation recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, the people of India have not been so fortunate. As the nation reals from a second catastrophic wave of COVID-19 cases, India’s death toll has surpassed 349,000, according to the Indian Ministry of Health.

Maharashtra, the richest and most industrialized state of India, has suffered the most infections during the second wave. The country as a whole has recorded a staggering 28.9 million coronavirus infections, and while India recently reported the lowest number of new infections in two months, the death toll still increased by over 2,600. (Source: Reuters)

As India continues to battle the coronavirus, MAP International has been working diligently to send aid. The organization recently shipped 40 pallets of personal protective equipment (PPE) to India, which successfully arrived in the state of Maharashtra, to help protect the frontline healthcare workers who are courageously fighting the virus. MAP is now strategizing for additional donations of PPE.

Additionally, MAP has coordinated with several partners, including the Jatan Foundation, to donate 15 oxygen concentrators to support India’s “Lend an Oxygenator” initiative. This collaborative initiative is launching a service of lending oxygen concentrators that will be used to treat many poor and underserved COVID-19 patients in India, free of charge.

These machines efficiently deliver concentrated oxygen therapy to patients and are currently a high value item in the medical world due to such a marked increase in demand. As the oxygen concentrator machines arrive in India, they are loaded onto rickshaws for transportation. The machines are being used to treat patients at home under the supervision of doctors, thereby reducing the burden on the hospitals.

One recent recipient of this life-supporting equipment was a motor mechanic who runs a small roadside repair shop. His wife works as a house help. This man was admitted into a government hospital for 35 days; after two weeks in the hospital, he tested negative for COVID-19, but could not return home because he still needed oxygen support. Thankfully, he was able to receive one of the donated oxygenators and finally return home to rest and recover comfortably. “Availability of this equipment free of cost was a great blessing for that family,” says a Jatan Foundation representative. “Such stories are making us more determined to expand the service.”

MAP’s oxygen concentrators were shipped directly from the UK to India, and successfully cleared customs the last week of May. “We praise God for this wonderful news!” says Jason Elliott, MAP’s Director of Disaster Relief.

As the COVID-19 situation in India continues to evolve, MAP is exploring additional ways to send assistance. Visit here to donate toward India’s fight against COVID-19.




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