Story of Hope | August 8, 2023

Nourishing Hope: A Child's Miracle Cure


Parents all want the best for their children. And in circumstances where we can’t afford to give them every opportunity we would like to, we take comfort in the fact that at least we are meeting their basic needs for food, shelter, and love.

But imagine the desperation you would feel if all you had to offer your child was love and shelter, but not enough food. This is the painful situation that many parents in Venezuela find themselves in.

The severe economic crisis in their country has plunged many families into poverty and caused widespread shortages of even the most basic resources, leaving many children suffering from severe malnutrition and a lack of basic medical care.

Recently, a MAP-supported medical mission team traveled to Venezuela to serve children and their families who have been suffering from a lack of access to clean water and proper nutrition. Their team leader, Pablo Torres, reports treating child after child whose parents brought them to the clinic for help – their small frames and fragile bodies evidence of how malnourished they were.

“We were able to administer MAP-donated products such as nutrient-rich supplements and vitamins to help them regain strength and improve their overall health,” says Torres. The team also provided the children with basic medical care, treating skin infections and other ailments that often come with a weakened immune system – another result of malnutrition.

“Seeing the transformation in the children is a powerful reminder of the impact that access to basic medical care and proper nutrition can have on a person’s life,” says Torres. “Thanks to the support of organizations like MAP, we were able to help the children of Venezuela and give them a chance at a brighter future.”

To help restore the health of more children around the world, visit Your gift can mean the difference between a child fighting to survive and having the chance to thrive.


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