Medical Mission Packs | January 13, 2021

BRINGING RELIEF TO Baby Tatiana - Haiti


Three month old “Tatiana” was miserable. Her mother said the baby had been cranky and unable to sleep, and she didn’t know what was wrong. For many Haitian mothers, this scenario does not always end in relief. Access to medical care in Haiti is highly limited, and for vulnerable populations, healthcare is a luxury that they simply cannot afford.

Fortunately for baby Tatiana, her mother was able to receive care for her at a mobile clinic that the Haitian American Kidney Association was running in her area. A medical provider diagnosed Tatiana with a middle ear infection, and thanks to the medications from MAP International that the team had brought with them, the baby was given liquid Tylenol and pediatric amoxicillin to treat her infection and make her more comfortable.

According to Marjory David, a Family Nurse Practitioner who served with the mission team, baby Tatiana was the youngest patient seen during the medical mission. Tatiana’s mother returned on the last day of the mission, and the baby’s infection had cleared up after taking the antibiotics from MAP. What a relief for Tatiana’s mother, to see her baby happy and healthy once again!

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