Medical Mission Packs | February 11, 2021

Field Story – Nanka School Project (Nigeria)


In Nanka, Nigeria – as in many other areas of the developing world – people are dying in alarming numbers from preventable and treatable diseases due to poverty, lack of health education, and poor healthcare systems. For people who deal with chronic diseases, like high blood pressure or diabetes, lack of health education and access to medical care creates a big problem.

The Nanka School Project (NSP), founded in 2013 by Celine Akoh, a registered pharmacist in Georgia, is working to improve the education, health, and economic opportunities for Nigerians living in the Nanka community. Each year, as part of their ministry, NSP organizes a medical mission to provide critical primary and preventative care for the community. Their 2021 medical outreach event offered free health consultations, blood pressure and blood sugar screenings, and medications that were donated by MAP International.

The medical team served over 270 people at this year’s health fair, including Theresa, a 55-year-old woman who suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. Both of these conditions require regular medications in order to be managed properly, and can cause other serious health problems if they are left untreated.

During her consultation, Celine discovered that Theresa’s blood sugar and blood pressure were both extremely high. Further conversation revealed that Theresa did not understand just how serious her conditions are, and that she could not afford to buy the medicines she needs to manage her health.

Fortunately, the NSP team had brought a supply of medications that were donated by MAP International, and Theresa was able to go home with a month’s supply of all the medicines she needed to control her diabetes and high blood pressure.

Theresa was also able to see a doctor at the event, and the NSP team connected her with a local physician who could provide her with regular care to monitor and treat her conditions.

Thanks to Celine’s dedication to the Nanka community, and MAP’s partnership with NSP, Theresa has been empowered with both knowledge and resources, and is no longer in danger of suffering the severe consequences of uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure.





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