Medical Mission Packs | May 17, 2021



Imagine that you need ten medications to manage your health, but only one may be available in your country – if you are lucky enough to find it. This is the desperate situation of many people living in Venezuela. MAP International partners with International Action Ministries to serve Venezuelans in need so they might experience life to the fullest.

One woman who recently received the miracle of health and hope is Sandra, a school teacher whose monthly salary is not even enough to buy a carton of eggs, much less her necessary medications. Sandra has been living with high blood pressure, seizures, depression, and insomnia for quite some time. She has suffered many medical emergencies due to her deteriorating health and not being able to obtain the basic medications she needs.

Thankfully, Sandra found a miracle through International Action Ministries. A group of Venezuelan pastors and churches were running a medical outreach where Sandra was able to receive medicines donated by MAP International to help manage her health conditions. “Sandra is now healthy, stable, grateful, and full of joy,” says Rick Johnson, Director of International Action Ministries.

“As a result of your partnership and investment in her life and others…the volunteer Venezuelan medical outreach teams were able to treat, help, and impact more than 700 lives,” Johnson continued. “We are deeply grateful to be able to serve together with you in this ministry partnership. We thank God for…precious lives like Sandra’s, and the many others she represents.”




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