Health | April 24, 2018

Medicine and Hope in Honduras


When members of MAP staff walked into the clinic in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, they were surprised by the long line of patients. Many of those waiting were local farmers or fishermen and had traveled for hours to the community health center hoping to see a doctor, or to obtain much-needed medicine. 

The line of patients wrapped around the waiting room and out the door.

"In Honduras, the quality of and access to health care are directly tied to income levels. Adequate health care is available to those able to pay the high cost. Health care for the urban and rural poor is extremely limited. The lack of health care for the majority of the population is starkly apparent". Tim Merrill, Honduras: A Country Study

IMG_9642MAP President and CEO, Steve Stirling, visited the San Pedro Sula clinic in northwest Honduras last week with members of our local partner, Operation Blessing International. What concerned the group was not the number of people waiting to see a doctor or nurse, but what they saw in the pharmacy.

Shelves that should have been filled with medicines and health supplies were almost empty. 

IMG_2873This small health center with no air conditioning and basic amenities is the life-blood for so many. It also represents the type of clinical setting and people MAP serves around the world. Our mission to provide life-changing medicines and health supplies to those living in poverty was on full display in San Pedro Sula.

The hospitals and local clinics the group visited throughout Honduras further cemented MAP’s conviction to reach more people with more life-changing medicines. With your support, working in concert with local and international partners, MAP can achieve this goal.

Thank you for helping to make this a reality.

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