Stories of Hope

Firsthand stories from the people whose lives have been touched by MAP medicines

Enjoy these stories of hope and inspiration about the people whose lives were changed thanks to medicines and health supplies provided by MAP International. We invite you to explore our library and share these stories of hope.

    For years Emeterio dealt with a severe condition because he couldn't afford treatment

    According to the Borgen Project, over 40% of the 10 million people living in the Dominican Republic...

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    All from her home, Dorothy has been transforming lives for 20 years

    “I’ve always had an interest in medical missions,” says Dorothy R, a retired nurse who has been a...

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    Thanks to you, baby Grace no longer struggles to breathe!

    In the African country of Tanzania, healthcare is not a widespread resource. In fact, 70% of its...

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    With your help, baby Angel is smiling!

    Baby Angel was born with a cleft lip and palate. At only 5 months old, life has already presented...

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    Victoria receives lifesaving heart surgery because of you!

    Thirteen-year-old Victoria had a hole in her heart.

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    For the first time in her life, four-year-old Winnie can walk!

    Four-year-old Winnie, who lives in Liberia, was born with club feet and severe deformities in both...

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    Evans was willing to do anything for his brother to get heart surgery, even give up his own spot.

    Evans is the oldest of four and the epitome of a big brother. Graduating with a diploma in...

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    Transportation. Cost. Access. These are just a few of the barriers Sam's mother faced to get her son antibiotics

    The challenges of providing healthcare to those living in remote areas of the world – and...

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    Maria walked 5 hours for the chance to get an open heart surgery

    Chagas disease.

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    A simple surgery would fix the problem, but Anyanwu couldn’t afford to pay the equivalent of $125

    Anyanwu was in agony.
    The 67-year-old man had ignored the small lump protruding from his abdomen...
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