Stories of Hope

Firsthand stories from the people whose lives have been touched by MAP medicines

Enjoy these stories of hope and inspiration about the people whose lives were changed thanks to medicines and health supplies provided by MAP International. We invite you to explore our library and share these stories of hope.

    A simple surgery would fix the problem, but Anyanwu couldn’t afford to pay the equivalent of $125

    Anyanwu was in agony.
    The 67-year-old man had ignored the small lump protruding from his abdomen...
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    Because of his schizophrenia, Juan was isolated from his community for years

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), schizophrenia affects approximately 24 million...

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    For children in Lebanon, like 3-year-old Ammar, surgery is a luxury you simply can't afford

    For children in developing countries who are born with a cleft lip/palate, the consequences of...

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    Thank you for bringing pediatric antibiotics to children in El Salvador!

    For 35 years, FUSAL and SAHF have been working hand in hand to strengthen the response capacity of...

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    Mohamadou almost waited too long to seek care

    Mohamadou was ill, and his condition was deteriorating rapidly. His wife had tried every home...

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    Benjamin’s mother will never forget when the screaming began

    In Africa, treatable medical tragedies disrupt millions of families every year. Parents are often...

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    The special needs orphanage realized Frandtzy was not his usual upbeat self

    Frandtzy is 30 years old, and lives at the Jehovah Rapha special needs orphanage in Port-au-Prince,...

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    Pediatric antibiotics help young boy in Mexico

    For most children in the U.S., strep throat, a pesky ear infection, or even a case of pneumonia can...

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    The doctors told Adriana nothing could be done but amputate her leg

    Adriana knew something wasn’t right when the lump appeared on her knee. But as the lump continued...

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    Angy's breathing was becoming extremely labored

    Angy lives with her mother in El Progreso, Guatemala. Andy’s mother, Maria, supports the family by...

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