Story of Hope | July 13, 2022

Victoria receives lifesaving heart surgery because of you!


Thirteen-year-old Victoria had a hole in her heart.

For some, the condition wouldn’t cause major problems, but Victoria’s hole was large enough that it needed to be surgically corrected before she suffered permanent damage to her heart and lungs.

The problem was that Victoria lives in Nigeria, and comes from a family that cannot afford such “extravagant” medical procedures. As much as her parents loved her, they couldn’t just make the money appear out of nowhere. Without help, their time with their daughter would very likely be short.

But thanks be to God – Victoria and her family received a miracle!

The VOOM Foundation, a private international medical humanitarian organization, were in Lagos providing free heart surgeries to indigent patients, and Victoria was approved for her operation.

The VOOM Foundation is able to provide these surgeries for free because of the generosity of volunteer medical providers, and donated supplies from organizations like MAP International. As for all of VOOM’s surgeries, MAP provided high-quality sutures, state-of-the-art heart monitors, and medications to care for Victoria during her hospital stay.

The day of her operation, Victoria was terrified. Shawn Andaya-Pulliam, VOOM’s executive director, lends a bit of perspective to Victoria’s situation.

“Can you imagine being a young girl in need of heart surgery and your only option are these people from another country that look nothing like you?”

Thankfully, Victoria’s operation was successful, and the VOOM medical team finally got to see her sweet smile before she was discharged home with her family. Victoria’s parents no longer have to fear that their daughter may not make it into adulthood – now, this young girl has a second lease on life.

“Lives are saved and families are transformed because you assist us to reach those in need!” Andaya-Pulliam wrote to MAP. “Our deepest appreciation for your support!”


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