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Healey International Relief Foundation, Sierra Leone

 Healey International Relief Foundation Sierra Leone

 “ We express our sincerest gratitude for such needed and valued medical supplies provided by MAP International. The medications will be distributed by Caritas-Freetown’s medical team to aid in alleviating the shortage of medicines and supporting HIRF health systems strengthening efforts in Sierra Leone. The medicines will enable our clinical staff to improve upon healthcare in some of the poorest communities in the region, as well as provide to charitable hospitals and clinics. The accessibility and availability of these medicines will make a world of difference in the lives of the people in Sierra Leone." – HIRF Executive Director, Benjamin Parra

“Success depends on several core competencies which Merck requires of ourselves and our partners.  They include integrity, expertise, dedication and accountability.  We value MAP International as an important Merck partner, because MAP has those qualities, in abundance.” – Ingrid A. Novak, Product Donations Coordinator, Merck Pharmaceuticals

MAP Doctor in Field

“On behalf of an entire district of Northern Congo, I want to express my thanks – and theirs – to MAP for the drugs and medical supplies.  I was able to carry in the supplies to distribute and use from my very remote base in Assa, Congo.” – Dr. Glenn W. Geelhoed, George Washington University Medical Center

“The unique thing MAP has to offer is the assortment of comprehensive educational programs for all members in the community.  The people are developing a broad spectrum of knowledge, attitudes, and skills to resolve their own problems.” – Jose Miguel DeAngulo, Director MAP Bolivia

“My wife’s cousin was one of those trapped in the church in Eldoret that was burned.  Fortunately she managed to escape – but to where?  Another uncle is missing.  My mother-in-law’s house has been marked for burning.  There are few safe places.  Thank God that MAP is working with others to provide vital assistance.”– Kenya 2008

MAP International Girl Thumbs Up

MAP International has been very generous with us and an important part of the success of Rotaplast missions.  Thank you! - Pete Ogilvie, Rotaplast International

“Something new just happened in our planning for the mission trip to Cambodia this summer. Kathy Medd, my good friend, fellow missionary, and nurse practitioner had been adamantly seeking a source for medical supplies for our team to take with us. Based on her experiences on our September 2014 Cambodia Mission Trip, she knew what she wanted to take but didn’t know how to get it or pull together the finances to purchase it.  And then something happened.  Kathy found out about the incredible work that MAP International has been doing around the world.  Last week, Kathy, Dr. Anite Lubin, and I started working on preparing the documentation required by MAP International to obtain medical supplies for our trip. Kathy’s vision of providing basic medical care in the three neighborhoods where Cambodian Care Ministries has established schools is coming to life! We are now anticipating having the capacity to serve 1,400 people. We are excited and in awe at the same time!  MAP’s medicines are a Miracle Supply!” - Linda Freeman, Trinity Church Medical Mission Team Cambodia

“MAP International has played an absolutely vital role in our work in Bolivia.  The amount of medication and the quality of the medication is phenomenal.  Quite simply, people in these areas we are serving aren’t getting assistance any other way.”  - Dr. Tim Murphy

“MAP International is one of the most effective nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing necessary healthcare in developing countries.  GlaxoSmithKline is pleased to provide MAP with basic medicines for travel packs to support physicians on medical missions, dispensing much-needed medication for some of the world’s poorest regions.” – Claire Hitchcock, GlaxoSmithKline

Africa Renewal Ministries, Uganda 

Africa Renewal Ministries, Uganda

“MAP International has been vitally important in providing us with medicines.  We are literally working with life and death situations.  There is no question that without intervention, these people are destined for very short lives.  Providing them with the proper healthcare and medication is absolutely essential.  Our clinic physicians are ecstatic upon receiving MAP products and the people are especially grateful.  You visit the people in their homes, and the mothers’ thank you.  They say, “For our children, you’ve given us great hope.” – Don Jones, Africa Renewal Ministries

“I really liked the way the youngsters from Esperanza de Vida (Hope for Life, MAP’s Peer Education Program) gave us information.  They used messages and methods that were very easy to understand and made it interesting.  When I spoke with a doctor about AIDS previously, he used scientific language and I didn’t understand much.  But the youth group used my language and expressions, good material, and a great video that was very appropriate for us.”   Andre, age 14 MAP Ecuador

“I cannot begin to tell you how much I was impressed with the fantastic organization MAP International has become.  The organizational structure and the ability to accomplish such great good in the world of hurting people is truly God’s blessing through His faithful servants.” – Debbie, Minnesota Physician & MAP Supporter

“The Ministry of Health reports a mortality of over 3 percent due to cholera, while the centers supported by World Vision reported a 1.8 percent mortality rate.  We were fortunate to receive the medicine from MAP, a situation which put World Vision in a better place to deal with the epidemic.”   Francis Battal, Relief Manager, World Vision-Malawi

MAP Medical Mission Pack

“With the aid of the MAP Fellowship I was able to participate in the care and education of Mukinge Hospital.  My time at Mukinge afforded the opportunity for medical, cultural and personal growth.  I was able to perform a number of procedures such as lumbar punctures, paracentesis, I&D’s, starting IVs, etc.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to go on this trip.” – Eric McLaughlin, MAP Fellow Mukinge Hospital, Zambia

“We could not be providing such a high quality of care for the Kosovar refugees without the assistance and participation of MAP International.”– Dr. Uc Gjonbalaj, International Medical Corps

“The most amazing part about working for MAP is to see like-minded individuals come together every day as a team and work with incredible passion and enthusiasm in order to help people. The people we help live in far-away places and many of us will never meet these people, but still we are driven and motivated each day to provide any help we can to make their life better. It is an honor to work alongside such amazing people!"  Jen Hardie, Senior Philanthropy Officer, MAP International

“We wanted to extend our deep appreciation to you for all of your assistance with our Liberia, Ebola relief commodities projects over the last six months, from the donations of MAP of desperately needed PPE’s and medical supplies, to your help with palletizing, packaging, and shipping of the cargo – including the last cargo that was purchased solely by PCI but which you graciously allowed us to ship to your warehouse, then packed and coordinated shipping for us.  Our sincerest thanks, Kipp, for all that you do for PCI and the world!” George Guimarcaes, President & CEO PCI

“MAP International is one of a select few nonprofit agencies that Bristol-Myers Squibb entrusts with its products.  We continue to be impressed by MAP’s ability to efficiently and effectively distribute greatly needed medicines to the people most in need.” Cindy Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb

“MAP International is a charter member of the ECFA, an accreditation agency dedicated to helping faith-based charities earn the public’s trust through adherence to seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship.  Founded in 1979, it is comprised of more than 1,200 organizations that must meet strict standards regarding board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fund-raising, and proper use of charity resources.” ECFA 

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Hope for Haiti, Haiti

 Hope for Haiti, Haiti

“MAP International has made it possible for our doctors and nurses to restore the health, and in fact, save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and adults in Haiti over the years.  MAP, their pharmaceutical partners, and many wonderful volunteers commit their valued resources and time for our worthwhile humanitarian mission.  Together, we all make a meaningful difference in Haiti.” – George Drobinski, Hope For Haiti

“I was so very impressed with the group of people who have given their time and energy to help God’s people become healthier and more productive individuals.  I truly believe that holistic health is the key to changing the future for all societies.” – Mary Gale, MAP supporter

“It would be very difficult for us to provide the quality of care for our patients that they need without the donated products we receive.  We are truly grateful to MAP for their help. “ – Karen Gingerick, RN, Juan Adrian, Dominican Republic

The beginning I had a lot of difficulties.  People thought I was making fun of them when I encouraged them to consider some changes in their way of living.  I asked God’s wisdom and leading.  Soon I started to see some changes.  One of my activities was to speak after the Sunday church service about upper respiratory and diarrheal illnesses in children.  I taught about risk factors and how to prevent the illnesses and also how to prepare the oral rehydration salt.  I was so pleased to see that people started to apply what they were learning.”  - Benigno Cosio, Community Health Promoter, MAP Bolivia

“MAP products are good. The prescription drugs have been very helpful because some could not be found in our country.” - Moses Lamin, Liberia

“I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the staff at MAP International for getting our custom medicine pack together so quickly! Thanks to you we were able to stretch our donation dollars a lot farther and really put together a good care package for the orphanage.” Congo Billy, Mwana Villages, Congo

“MAP International brings passion, science and focus to seek solutions to disparities that should not be tolerated. They want equity to be more than a slogan.” - Dr. William Foege, Former Director of the CDC

"MAP International is a trusted partner who has helped us help families throughout the world...We are grateful that they have come alongside us in in bringing tangible help and hope to those who are in need."- Hal Donaldson, President of Convoy of Hope

“The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations and its members, in alliance with related organizations, is dedicated to the development, dissemination and adherence to high standards in the delivery of medical products to underserved people and disaster victims around the world.” – PQMD

“Since early 2012, Crown & Caliber, the nation’s leading purchaser of luxury watches, has partnered with MAP International to provide medical treatment to children in third world countries. As of May 2013, Crown & Caliber has donated enough funds to MAP International to provide 100,000 Z-Paks to children living in poverty." – Crown & Caliber