Uganda School Empowerment Project

Uganda School Empowerment Project

In the Lokiding community of Northeastern Uganda, 77% of school-aged girls do not attend primary school.  Young woman face challenges at school once they reach puberty.  It’s estimated at 1-in-10 school aged African girls that do not attend school during menstruation is due to the lack of clean and private sanitation facilities in schools.  This results in a high dropout rate of young woman after hitting puberty.  

The Karamoja Region in Northeastern Uganda is the poorest and least developed region in the country and has the worst human development indicators in all of Uganda. The Kotido district is a community of over 200,000 nomadic farming people, suffering heavily from health and socioeconomic challenges, including access to high quality education for young women.  Studies suggest that proper education for girls has a positive effect on health, wealth and empowerment.  

Reasons that attribute to these young women not attending school range from household responsibilities, to tending cattle, to the lack of sanitation facilities during menstruation.  As a result, these young women receive little or no health education and interventions, resulting in reproductive health complications and early childbirth.  

In Uganda, 94% of girls reported issues during menstruation.  MAP’s Female Empowerment Project will focus on the motivation and empowerment of 96 school girls today and even more in the future in the Lokiding community to enroll and remain in schools by addressing hygiene and sanitation related issues and by providing a safe learning and living environment focused on education.  This project will increase enrollment and retention rates of young women by 80% in the Lokiding Primary School.  We will achieve this through education awareness campaigns, completing the construction of a girls dormitory to house 96 young women, installation of solar panels for consistent electricity and furnishing and equipping the dormitory with bedding facilities.  The dormitory will be equipped with girl-friendly sanitation facilities that are equipped with water and wash stations.

MAP’s Uganda Female Empowerment Project is ongoing and this appeal for $30,000 will specifically fund the restoration of a dormitory for 96 girls in order to provide a safe and hygienic place to learn and live.


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This project is now fully funded!

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