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One of the most important parts of will and estate planning is taking the first steps. Making plans and updating them as needed can bring great satisfaction and peace of mind.

We are pleased to assistance you and your advisors as you consider a charitable dimension of your long-range financial plans.

 Will Planning

Will power reminds you that planning your estate isn’t really for your benefit — it’s for the benefit of the family, friends and organizations you will leave behind.  Your will makes it easier on them, because it tells them exactly how your affairs will be settled.  Without will power, you could leave your family grieving and in conflict or economic turmoil.  Having a will does make a difference — we’ve witnessed firsthand at MAP International the peace of mind a lovingly planned will has brought to the families of our donors. 

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Estate Planning

It doesn’t take long to see if your estate plan still benefits the individuals and causes that mean the most to you today; it’s also a good time to make sure you’re saving the maximum on current taxes and administrative expenses.

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 Learn more about all your options by downloading our Legacy Guide.

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“I support MAP because I want to give as much back to the Kingdom as possible. And I like the MAP people I have been in contact with over the years; they are committed to God and are good stewards of His resources.”

— Samuel Wasilla, AK

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