2015 Global Health Statistics

The Challenge

Each year, 5.9 million children under five die.  Over half from preventable diseases like pneumonia and diarrhea.  That's 18 children every second whose lives could have been saved. That's where MAP International comes in.

The Solution

MAP International is a global Christian health and relief organization partnering with people living in conditions of poverty to save lives and develop healthier families and communities. 

With an extensive global procurement and logistics network, MAP International is unrivaled in its ability to get hundreds of millions of dollars worth of vital medicines and critical supplies into the hands of health professionals serving people in the world’s poorest communities each year. By increasing access to these resources, MAP prevents illness, treats disease and improves the health of children and their families. Since 1954, MAP International has provided over $5 billion in medicines and supplies. We serve 10 million people annually in over 100 countries.

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We are Financially Accountable

MAP International is committed to being a highly effective, accountable and transparent non-profit organization. 99% of the donated resources MAP receives go directly to our programs, and for every dollar donated, $60 in medicines and medical supplies is shipped to those in need. 

To assure our supporters of our commitment to providing full disclosure of our use of financial resources, MAP International submits its records for independent review. The following organizations affirm our commitments to good stewardship.  View Our Financials

At MAP International, financial accountability is something we strive for. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent program implementation, MAP International will redirect funds to similar activities to help children and families in need.