MAP's Winter 2020 Newsletter

2019: A Year of giving hope

Here at MAP, we’re taking a moment to thank God for all the blessings of 2019, thanks to the support of friends like you. It’s so amazing to realize that we were able to touch the lives of 13,344,983 people in 98 countries around the world.

We thank God for each and every donor who made this extraordinary ministry possible. Sometimes the huge numbers are hard to grasp.

That’s why in this issue we’ve included brief stories and photos of some of the people you have helped.

Please enjoy the uplifting stories in this newsletter. Then share it with your friends and family. It’s a wonderful way to encourage someone today. And please join us in prayer for the millions who are in need of medicine today.



Two billion people live without access to medicines they desperately need.

Every life saved. Every child cured starts with your generous act of love. Your gifts make our mission possible.

Note: Due to a printing error, the reply form in our latest mailing indicated that gifts to the 2020 Winter Newsletter will be matched. When we have a 'matched' donation opportunity, it means another donor has agreed to make a contribiution equal to yours. Please know that while your gift will not be matched, it WILL be used to ensure that MAP can continue to get life-changing medicines and health supplies to millions of the world's most vulnerable people when they need it most. As an example, in January alone, MAP responded to disasters in the Philippines, Puerto Rico and China.

Transparency is important to us. And while your gift will not be matched, every $1 you contribute helps MAP provide more than $68 in donated medicines and health supplies to people in need. We can make this statement because MAP receives generous donations of medicines and health supplies and has relatively low expenses. Last year alone, we were able to provide nearly $523 million in medicine and health supplies with just over $10 million in total cash expenses, including $7.6 million in program expenses.



Stories from Our Winter 2020 Newsletter

Thanks to MAP supporters, Benoit is back in school

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 2.13.19 PM-3Just three years old, Benoit, picture here on the right, has had his share of health challenges.

He was just eight months old when he came to live with his foster mother, Kimberly. Benoit and Kimberly live in Haiti, where health care is too expensive for most poor families to afford.

Fortunately, MAP International’s partner, Hope for Haiti, provides free health care for those in need, using medicine and health supplies provided by MAP.

So when Benoit became ill with diarrhea, stomach pain and fever, Kimberly knew she could take him to the Hope for Haiti clinic, where he could have free laboratory tests, evaluations, medical care, and medicine.

Without this free clinic and medicine, Benoit would have continued to suffer. But after his treatment, he has fully recovered and is back in preschool.


Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 3.34.50 PM


Street children in uganda face their own "Les Miserables" story

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 2.07.06 PM

Geoffrey’s parents both died of AIDS when he was just eight years old. With no one to care for him, he became a homeless street child, forced to survive on the streets of Lira, Uganda.

Street children in Uganda are extremely vulnerable and subjected to unimaginable horrors as they roam the city streets, looking for food and a safe place to sleep.

Some have even been murdered by vendors and security personnel who try to keep them away from shops.

Geoffrey was shot in the foot by a security guard trying to chase him away.

Fortunately, he came to Saving Grace Ministry, a MAP partner dedicated to helping the vulnerable and growing population of street children. When he arrived, he had an open wound and no means to obtain medical care.

Using one of MAP International’s medicine packs, the medical team cleaned his wound and bandaged his foot, likely saving him from infection.

Later, he was taken to a hospital for follow-up treatment. What a difference you are making for street children like Geoffrey in Uganda!


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