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Medicine Changes Everything

Health is the core of life, without it there is no hope. Through medical aid, MAP International provides health and hope to children and families in over 100 countries.

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Child with Malaria

Our Medicines Program


MAP Medical Mission Packs are used by thousands of healthcare professionals every year for short-term medical missions in over 100 countries. Each pack contains an average of $7,000 in essential medicines and medical supplies and can provide up to 400 treatments.  Our medicines have been called a "miracle supply" and provide health and hope to half a million people each year.

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We Are Financially Accountable

MAP International is a highly effective, efficient and transparent non-profit organization recognized by Forbes Magazine, Charity Navigator, the Better Business Bureau, CNBC and many others. 99% of donated resources goes directly to those in need. For every dollar donated, $60 in medicines and medical supplies is given to those in need.

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The WHO estimates that over 2 million children die each year from pneumonia, a completely curable illness.  That's 1 in 5 children under the age of 5.

We recently met Joulie outside a MAP-supported clinic in Haiti. She had pneumonia and a dangerously high fever. Her mother was waiting along with many others who had come to the clinic for help. Simple antibiotics were all 1-year-old Joulie needed. Without them, she would have died. Thanks to medicines you and other generous friends helped to provide, Joulie got the help she needed.

Give the Gift of Health & Hope

$1= $60 in life-saving medicines

Provide Medicines for a Child in Need

Just $30 will provide lifesaving antibiotics to 500 children in the developing world.  Just like these beautiful children at a MAP program in Ghana.






We are Financially Accountable

MAP International is committed to being a highly effective, accountable and transparent non-profit organization. 99% of the donated resources MAP receives go directly to our programs, and for every dollar donated, $60 in medicines and medical supplies is shipped to those in need. 

To assure our supporters of our commitment to providing full disclosure of our use of financial resources, MAP International submits its records for independent review. The following organizations affirm our commitments to good stewardship.  View Our Financials

At MAP International, financial accountability is something we strive for. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent program implementation, MAP International will redirect funds to similar activities to help children and families in need.