Medicine for the WORLD

MAP provides life-changing medicines and health supplies to people in need regardless of religion, gender, race, nationality, or ethnic background.

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What We Do

Our Impact

We see a world where all people have access to life-changing medicines and health supplies.

We share this view with thousands of supporters globally who make possible our mission to bring hope to two billion people who lack access to these basic human goods.

Each year we serve as many as 14 million people in nearly 100 countries who benefit from our programs. With the help of supporters like you, we are able to provide more than 43 million treatments annually to people in need.

Since 2000, we have served nearly 190 million people around the world. 

64 Years

Of providing critical medical aid and health supplies when needed most worldwide.

14 Million People

Served with life-saving medicine and care.

100+ Countries

Provided with medical aid every single year.

Meds for Missions

You have a heart for missions. But when it comes to successful trips, you need a knowledgeable partner to provide the right medicines for you to serve those most in need.

This is why MAP exist, to serve those who would not otherwise have access to life-changing medicines.

Since our founding in 1954, we have been the leading source of medicines for missions.

Our signature “blue box” Medical Mission Pack is recognized by mission teams and customs officials around the world. MAP's mission pack programs serve mission teams, large and small, from leading churches, civic clubs, and universities.

Pediatric Antibiotics

The situation is unimaginable to most of us. When someone in our family is ill, we call our doctor and pick up a prescription in a few hours. 

But in 93 countries where there is no drug store on every corner and very few pharmacies, the doctors and their patients there rely on MAP International for life-saving medicines.   

That’s why we need your help today.

Partnership Programs

Your organization serves those most in need. You do it with passion. This is also who we seek to serve. We share your passion for ‘the least of these, my brothers.’

We can help your organization reach more people. We provide quality medicines and health supplies through a secure supply chain to meet the specific needs of the communities you serve.