Nicola’s Life Altered by the Power of Medicine

HAITI – Nicola had been experiencing the same bothersome symptoms for months. She was fatigued, constantly thirsty, and some days her vision was a bit blurry. For a while she assumed it was just age – she was 66 years old, after all. But when she started losing weight unexplainably, she knew something was wrong.

The problem was finding healthcare that she could afford. In rural Haiti, where Nicola lives, medical facilities are few and far between, and almost always expensive.

Nicola, her husband, and their son live in a little house made of rocks and clay, covered with a tin roof. Her family grows sweet potatoes, yams, plantains, and beans to make a living, and sometimes Nicola sells rice on the side when they need help making ends meet. Extra money to pay for a doctor’s visit simply doesn’t exist for Nicola.

“…is very thankful for this life-saving treatment.”

Fortunately, someone told Nicola about a MAP-supported clinic about a 4-hour’s walk from where she lives. Nicola made the trek to the clinic, where compassionate medical staff examined her and gave her the news: she had diabetes.

Thanks to MAP, who regularly supplies the clinic with medicines and health supplies, Nicola was able to get the medicine she needs to begin managing her diabetes. Had this chronic condition been left untreated, Nicola would likely have suffered life-threatening complications in the future.

According to Lori, the director of the clinic, Nicola is responding well to treatment, and making lifestyle changes to further improve her health. She follows up at the clinic every month for check-ups and refills of her medicine, and “is very thankful for this life-saving treatment.”

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