Ruth’s journey from despair to hope. A life saved, a story of triumph.

Guatemala – So many people in undeveloped parts of the world lack access to safe surgical care. In partnership with medical mission teams, MAP International works hard to improve surgical access for those who need it most, supplying surgical mission teams with vital supplies like surgical mesh and high-quality sutures.

One of MAP’s mission team partners recently served in Guatemala, where they performed surgeries for free for patients who had no other recourse for treatment.

Ruth, who team members described as “an incredibly beautiful and happy soul,” was one of their patients who received a hysterectomy that week. Unable to afford surgical care anywhere else, Ruth had been living in pain for more than two years. With five children at home, Ruth simply did not have the money to pay for an operation at the government hospital, so she just gritted her teeth and carried on with her life despite the pain.

As Ruth talked with one of the medical volunteers, she expressed how grateful she was to have found this mission team and to have met such loving and kind people. “God brings people into our lives for a reason,” she said. “There is always a reason.”

Using the surgical mesh and sutures from MAP, the volunteer surgeons were able to successfully perform Ruth’s hysterectomy, and Ruth recovered very well.

Like many of the patients that this MAP mission team partner serves, the surgery that Ruth received benefitted not only her, but her entire family. Because she was able to have the hysterectomy that she needed, Ruth was able to return home to care for her five children, pain-free.

If you would like to help give more mothers like Ruth the ability to be fully present as they care for their families, pain-free, visit to learn more about how MAP is increasing surgical access for people across the globe.

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