The Captives Set Freed

Portrait of a happy family outdoors

Mexico – Jose and his wife, *Aide, are humble, selfless people who frequently sacrifice their own comfort for the sake of others. They work as church planters in a remote area of Mexico, faithfully sharing the Gospel and encouraging the community where they live. Their monthly income is meager, just enough to meet their basic daily needs, but God has always provided for them.

Earlier this year, God proved faithful to Jose and Aide once again. They both suffer from some underlying chronic health problems – Jose, from diabetes, and Aide, from a heart condition. The medicines that they need to manage their symptoms cost more than what they earn in a month, making it completely impossible to properly maintain their health.

Jose and Aide felt trapped. They could leave the young churches they had started in order to move back to the city where Jose could get a job that would pay him enough to afford their medicines, or they could stay and continue ministering to this community, risking severe health complications for them both.

For this precious couple, the choice was clear. They could not abandon this community of people they had been ministering to; they would stay, no matter the cost to their health.

Then God came through with a miracle. A medical mission team came to Jose and Aide’s remote community, and they brought boxes of medicine from MAP International. The team had enough medicine and supplies that after serving the community for a week, they were able to give Jose several months’ worth of medicine for his diabetes, and they even helped Aide obtain the heart medicine she needed there in Mexico.

Jose and Aide were relieved to no longer have to make the choice between ministering to others and their own personal health. Thanks to MAP medicine, Jose and Aide can continue to do the work that they love so much, for the people that they love – healthy and symptom-free.   

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