An Easter Message of Hope from MAP President & CEO, Steve Stirling 

Tomb of Jesus with three crosses, highlighting Steve Stirling's Easter message of hope at MAP International
Tomb of Jesus | LumerB via iStock

As we enter the sacred season of Easter, it is my privilege to share with you a message of hope, reflection, and gratitude. Easter is a time of deep renewal and joy, symbolizing the resurrection and the promise of new life. It’s a time when we are reminded of the power of hope and the strength of faith to overcome even the darkest moments. 

Every day at MAP International, we witness the transformational power of hope as we deliver life-saving medicines and health supplies to those in desperate need around the world. With each shipment, with every life touched, we see a renewal of hope and a testament to the human spirit’s resilience.  

The global health challenges are still immense, but our aspiration to address them is higher than ever. In 2024, our goal is to provide 70 million treatments to commemorate MAP’s 70th anniversary, a milestone that speaks volumes of our collective resolve and the faith that propels us forward. 

Our work is a reflection of this spirit of service, as we strive to alleviate suffering and bring healing to communities affected by poverty, disaster, and disease. In our service, we honor this sacred day by embodying the values of sacrifice and unconditional love in our mission. 

The difference we make is only possible because of your support. Your generosity enables us to reach the far corners of the earth, bringing not just physical healing but also a message of hope and renewal. Each contribution, each act of kindness, serves as a spark of hope and a force for good in a world that so desperately needs it. This Easter, as we celebrate the promise of new beginnings in honor of the resurrection of Christ, let us also renew our commitment to serving those in need. 

May this Easter season fill your hearts with hope, joy, and the peace that comes from knowing we are making the world a better place.  

With gratitude and Easter blessings, 

Steve Stirling 
President and CEO 

Doctor greeting child at a hospital
Doctor greeting a child at a hospital | MAP International
Happy baby holding on tablet, highlighting Steve Stirling's Easter message of hope at MAP International
Smiling baby at a hospital | MAP International
Man in wheelchair, highlighting Steve Stirling's Easter message of hope at MAP International
Man in a wheelchair | MAP International